Blount Library a Year in Review 2021

In January we did not hold a board meeting.  The Sick Leave policy was discussed.  The library was not open regular hours.  Patrons are using Curbside pick-up and services are offered to patrons (printing, copying, and faxes).  Items are being quarantined 96 hours and then being cleaned before put back into circulation.  Total circulation of items was 613 for the month.

In February Jessie Jordan was appointed Vice President of the library Board.  The board adopted a Sick leave policy.  To become compliant with NYS mandates we will now list board minutes and board member names with titles on the library website.  The annual report was completed by Jessica Frank and Janice Snyder.  Total circulation of items 588 for the month.

In March a generous $500 donation was made by Tony Amitrano.  The annual report was presented to the board to look over.  The 96-hour quarantine has been lifted, however items are still being cleaned before being put back in to circulation.  We shifted to limited hours for patrons inside the building with a limited time of 30 minutes inside.  Masks are required for all who enter.  The Blount Library policies have been revised and made more current and concise.  This was necessary to become compliant with NYS requirements.  Total circulation of 750 items for the month.

In April, the hours began to resume semi-normal people however still preferred curbside pick-up.  Summer reading program was discussed and decided 1 day of in person programming outside will suffice for this year.  Masks and social distancing too difficult to manage inside the building.  There was a change to the pandemic procedure policy and it was accepted at meeting by the board.  Total circulation of 580 items for the month.

In May, discussion on establishing an electronic Blount Library newsletter was proposed. Capacity has been increased to allow for 100% occupancy again. Masks are still required for all who enter.  Curbside is still being offered and some patrons still prefer this method.  It was approved to resume adult programing again with the requirement of mask wearing when 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained.  The library did not participate in the Cattaraugus County Youth Bureau summer youth employment as there is not enough work to keep them busy. Total circulation of 536 items for the month.

In June, Diane Soulvie resigned as board president, leaving Jessie Jordan to take her place until a new president can be appointed.  The Pre-k-1st grade classes were able to visit the library.  NYS made changes to the COVID policy and our policies were updated to reflect these changes.  A new board member Terry Werwinski was nominated to the board.  Letters were mailed to businesses asking for donations for the summer reading program.  Items requested will help add to the grab and go bags that will be offered to the children of the community.  Total circulation of 653 items for the month.

The Board did not meet in July.  However, Dave Fisher repainted the exterior of the addition.  Summer reading began on July 19th at 10 am.  We held programming outside with an average of 25 kids at each date.  Total circulation of 855 items for the month.

In August, the 3 year CCB CD came due.  A program offered by the Rural Revitalization Corporation can give carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors to Cattaraugus County residents free of charge.  Jessie will hang signs and hand out applications to all who are interested.  The carpets were cleaned in August.  Thank-you letters were sent to all who donated to the summer reading program.  It was suggested that the library seek a new insurance agent was discussed and names were discussed.  At this time masks are encouraged for all patrons but required for non-vaccinated.  It was decided not to pursue the library newsletter at this time.  Total circulation of 990 items for the month.

In September, Sexual Harassment training was completed by all board members present.  It was discussed that all trainings and forms will be revisited in January to keep all matters current and fulfilled.  A meeting will be held to revise the Long Term Strategic Plan, a committee was formed and the information will be presented at the November meeting.  AARP will offer online only classes with a discount to individuals who are interested until they feel comfortable meeting in person.  A “mini grant” was received from CCLS that focused on Diversity.  Books on the topic were purchased for all age levels and a display was made for patrons to check out.  7 books were also donated to the elementary school from the grant.  The new insurance agent Joe Floss was discussed.  Information will be given to Joe Floss to proceed with him becoming the new agent.  The discussion of the parking lot was addressed once again; the coffee shop customers are using our parking lot and leaving little or no space for library patrons.  Parking lot signs were discussed.  The bridge group has resumed playing at the library, with an average of 8 ladies per Monday.  At this time masks are encouraged for all patrons but required for non-vaccinated. Total circulation of 755 items for the month.

The Board did not meet in October.  However, the library participated in “Trunk or Treat” in park square.  The library trunk was decorating in the Pete the Cat theme.  Kim Whitling purchased the key chains from Oriental Trading to be handed out in lieu of candy.  Total circulation of 771 items for the month.

In November, Potter Lumber donated $500 and a sizeable number of children’s books were purchased.  Melissa Willey handed out our foam Gingerbread houses at Tree Lighting.  Only about 100 houses were handed out.  The remainder have been given to children coming to the library.  An ornament pour painting was held on November 30th with 4 tweens, this group discussed an origami class next in February.  The board voted to have Joe Floss as our insurance agent with Emerling, Floss Murphy & Associates.  At this time masks are encouraged for all patrons but required for non-vaccinated. Total circulation of 694 items for the month.

In December, the board voted to approve the budget.  The library was Closed for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  Total circulation of 657 items for the month.


2021 Annual Community Report