Blount Library Board of Trustees Meeting

                                                     Friday December 17, 2021 3:00p.m.

Roll call of members MaryAnna Buchanan, Jessie Jordan, Kim Palmatier, Pat Schwartz, Terri Werwinski, Melissa Willey, and Karen Zale.  Guests Jessie Frank Director, Janice Snyder, and Beth Chase.  Absent Kirstin Brown and Linda Tanner.

Meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. by Interim President Jessie Jordan.

Secretary report-disposition of the minutes of the previous regular meeting:  Karen Zale moved to accept the minutes and Pat Schwartz seconded.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report:  Received money from the IRS for payroll employee retention.

Karen Zale moved to accept the 2022 Budget and Pat Schwartz seconded.  Motion carried.

Karen Zale moved to accept the report and Terri Werwinski seconded.  Motion carried

Director’s report:  Conservation club donated $500.

34 ornaments were sold at $10 each.

Circulation and visits have increased.  1000+ more items than 2020.  No curbside has been needed.

The year in review has been written through November and will be posted on the library website

Bridge club has been put on hold until January 10th 2022.

14 themes for the monthly book display have been prechosen.

No change in the mask policy at this time.

Donald Watkins gave Jessie Frank a quick lesson about the website.  Donald is still the administrator.

The 2022 book challenge:  read 20 books on the suggested list and possibly win 1 of 3 gift cards to The Coffee Shop $5, $10, or $20.

Jessie Frank has been laminating as a service for a fee.

Melissa Willey handed out the gingerbread house grab and go projects at the Annual tree lighting.

The teenagers did a pour paint class and want to do an origami class next.  No date planned.  No other projects are planned at this time.

Papers were signed and the new insurance agent reviewed them.  A new quote will come early 2022.  The shelter point amount will increase for FMLA for Jessie if injured off the library property.

Communications:  Thank you card was sent to the conservation club

Grant Committee:  None to report


Old Business:  A new vision statement for the strategic plan was adopted: “The Blount Library will foster the spirit of exploration, lifelong learning, the joy of reading and the pursuit of information and knowledge for all ages and cultures.”

Making a policy for filming minors will be tabled until the next meeting

Money earned from Cattaraugus Regional foundation will be rolled back into the account and this will be determined on a yearly basis.  Karen Zale moved to accept this and Pat Schwartz seconded and the   motion passed.

New Business:  Jessica Jordan will not be continuing her run on the board and as acting president.   MaryAnna has also decided to leave the board.  Beth Chase has agreed to sit on the board starting January 2022   Melissa Willey and Linda Tanner will stay for another 3 year term.  Kim Palmatier motioned that the By-laws be changed to state that 5-9 members sit the board.  A new President, Vice president and treasurer still are needed.  Karen Zale seconded.   Motion carried.

Christmas gifts were granted to Jessie Frank and Cleon Easton.

The board went into executive session to discuss Jessie Frank’s raise for 2022.

Period for public expression:   None

Karen Zale moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:19p.m. Terri Werwinski seconded.  Motion carried.

Next meeting January 21.2022

December 2021 Board Minutes