Blount Library Board Minutes
Monday, January 29, 2024

Jessie Frank, Director

Kirstin Brown
Beth Chase
Kim Palmatier
Linda Tanner
Terri Werwinski
Melissa Willey

Absent: None
The meeting was called to order at 6:16__ pm by __Melissa Willey___
The Secretary’s report was previously submitted via email by __Beth Chase_________. _Kirstin Brown_____ motioned to accept it and __Terri Werwinski_____ seconded. The motion was carried.
The Treasurer’s report: was read by___Kim Palmatier______. ___Linda Tanner________ moved to accept the report and __Beth Chase____ seconded. The motion was carried.
Insurance Rates increase again. They increased enough to put us over budget. Kim will check with the agent and see if they can somehow trim it to get it at least within our 2024 budgeted amount.
Bills are coming in as they should
Hot spot – we turned these in, so there is no longer an expense related to hot spots
The Director’s report: Jessie Frank had the following to report:
Hot spots – cancelled
Feb 15th – Feb 27th is the Book Fair. Jessie will have activities daily to try to get more interest in both the fair and the library. Among which: bat program, Farmer Mike with ducks, and other activities
Chautauqua Opportunities approach us about becoming a “National Safe Place”, and Jessie did sign us up. This will make us a safe place for children or teens in distress to come to. We would only be a stopping point, as authorities would be contacted from there.
From the annual meeting that Jessie attended with all libraries: Some libraries charge for library cards issued to non-county (in which they reside compared to the library they are using) residents. The charge other libraries are charging is $10. We discussed this some, as we do have a large clientele that are nonresidents (stay here for summers either at campgrounds or as snowbirds) and we expect that we will have an influx of the same when the Cheese Plant is up and running. The thought is that the $10 annual fee is rather nominal, and may provide some “ownership” of the cardholder, as they would be a bit invested. It may filter out those who would potentially abuse the lending of library materials as well. We tabled this until the next meeting, as we will have to decide as a board, and it will need to become part of the library policy.
Long range plan – Our long range plan is in need of an update. A committee will have to be formed in order to update it.
Director Jan is coming up with a listy of policies
In Tandem – currently three are coming once a week
Book Boxes – In order to properly dissolve the “Friends of the Library” and the funds that remained, Jessie has ordered and received 25 sturdy cardboard boxes. Children will sign up for this program (perhaps with an imbedded form on the website) with their age, reading likes, etc, and the boxes will be tailor made to the child. Two circulation books will be included with a few snacks or treats. Once returned, they can “check out” a new box. The physical boxes must be returned in order for continued check outs.

____Kirstin Brown_______ moved to accept the director’s report ____Kim Palmatier________seconded. Motion carried.
Communications: N/A
Grant Committee: N/A
Old Business: N/A
New Business : We did check with Petruzzi Insurance Agency for an insurance quote, but they were unable to provide us with the same coverage as we currently have.
Realizing we forgot to have an executive session to discuss Jessie’s raise, we determined to meet via Zoom or in person on Friday, February 2nd, 10:00 am at the library
Period for Public Expression: N/A

____Melissa Willey_____ moved to adjourn the meeting at __6:58 pm___ and _Beth Chase___seconded it. The motion was passed.
Next Meeting: __Monday, February 26 at 6:00 pm __________

Respectfully Submitted,
Beth Chase

January 29 2024