Blount Library Board Minutes
Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Members Present:

  • Jessie Frank, Director
  • Kirstin Brown
  • Beth Chase
  • Kim Palmatier
  • Linda Tanner
  • Terri Werwinski
  • Melissa Willey

Absent:  None

The meeting was called to order at _6:04 _ pm by __Melissa Willey__

The Secretary’s report was previously submitted via email by  _Beth Chase__________. _Kirstin Brown_ motioned to accept it and __Lisa Swaciak_____ seconded.  The motion was carried.

The Treasurer’s report was read by___Kim Palmatier_______.  __Linda Tanner_______ moved to accept the report and _Terri Werwinski____ seconded.   The motion was carried.

To Note:

  • $20,000 received from NYS
  • 990 paperwork dripped off
  • Annual report submitted
  • We were asked if our $90,000 from school taxes needs to be increased- We will table this until October.

The Director’s report:  Jessie Frank had the following to report:

  • Community member wants to make a sizable donation, with the stipulation that a project must be designated for it. A sunroom off the children’s room is still a large goal and Jessie is considering this in addition to other funding that could go with the donation.
  • St. Bonaventure – eating healthy on a budget program
  • Jessie sat in on a director’s meeting -several things were discussed and shared with the board, one noteworthy is marketing to increase our currculation
  • NYS is increasing funding to libraries
  • Doors – are in process and should be here soon
  • Closed Good Friday and Saturday and next Saturday
  • Summer Reading Workshop – April 12th, Jessie will attend
  • Programming over Spring Break daily – “Adventures in….” Theme: water color, reptiles, steam stations, Lego free build, story time
  • Crochet class – Michelle is leading again
  • Community Adventure Game  proposed, with the help of the board – something akin to The Enchanted Mountain Challenge – with places around Franklinville to explore and take photos at,  and then posting all photos at the end. It could be designated places, OR places that people find interesting.
  • Eclipse – board voted unanimously to open from 9 am – 12 pm
  • Conflict of Interest policy was provided and we will discuss at April meeting
  • Seed Library – Melanie Brown – hoping to start up April 10, 2024
  • We need a committee for Blount Library Policies- will seek Jan’s advice
  • Books for Maple Fest Sale are coming in
  • Jessie will connect with the book shredder

__Kirstin Brown__ moved to accept the director’s report _____Lisa Swaciak  seconded.  Motion carried.

Communications:  N/A

Grant Committee: N/A

Old Business:  N/A

New Business for next meeting:

  • Library Walking Program??
  • Committee for Policy Updates

Period for Public Expression: N/A

Melissa Willey moved to adjourn the meeting at _7:19 pm__ and _Beth Chase seconded it.  The motion was passed.

Next Meeting:  ____Monday, April 22, 2024_____________

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Chase

March 27 2024