Blount Library Board of Trustees Minutes

Friday March 19th 2021 at 3:30 P.M.

Roll call of members:

Present: Kirstin Brown (virtually), MaryAnna Buchanan (virtually), Jessie Jordan, Kim Palmatier, Diane Soulvie, Linda Tanner, Melissa Willey (virtually), Karen Zale, Pat Schwartz, Jessie Frank (director) Janice Snyder and Donald Watkins guests.

Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. on March 19, 2021 by President Diane Soulvie.

Secretary report-disposition of the minutes of the previous regular meeting: Karen Zale moved to accept the minutes from the February 19, 2021 meeting. Seconded by Jessie Jordan. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: Janice Snyder reported the insurance and payroll bills were paid along with the regular expenses. Linda Tanner moved to accept the treasurer’s report and Karen Zale seconded. Motion carried

Director’s report: Tony Amitrano donated $500 with a matching donation of $275 from IBM, but unfortunately IBM will no longer match the donation. Jessie Frank presented the annual report, a total of 61 pages, which details expenses, programs, circulation, etc. for all of 2020. We had to explain the 40% change for the year which was due to the COVID 19 closure of the library. Motion to accept the report was carried.

Jessie also reported that we can now read the NY Times online. Just contact her for information. Only 39 people accessed the Wi-Fi which is a low number. At the Directors meeting today we accepted the associations plan. There is no longer a 96 hour hold on books going to other libraries, but Jessie will still clean and hold them for in house loans. A construction grant will need to be done soon for insulation and an HVAC system. We have only been at 50% capacity. “Canopy” a streaming service for older movies is available for a fee to the library and free to the library patron. Jessie has movies that we purchase available to patrons. New software will be installed. Circulation is down 7200, curbside is slow although people have been mostly needing copies made. People love the delivery option. Other libraries are fully open and have only seen 1-2 people coming in. It was suggested that we have curbside or appointments Mondays and Wednesdays and be open 9-4 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. People will ring the bell and get screened as the come in. Masks still required. A limit of 30 minutes in the building per person.

Committee reports: none to report.

Communications: none to report.

Old Business: Diane Soulvie President distributed thumb drive and files of everything she has presented since becoming president.

Library Director Evaluation will be discussed in executive session at the end of the meeting after Director Jessie Frank is excused. Karen Zale moved and Linda Tanner seconded to adopt the SSL Policy changes as discussed in February’s meeting.

New Business: Kim Palmatier moved and Karen Zale seconded to accept the Petty cash and Credit Card Policy changes. Motion carried. Policy is as follows:

Blount Library Petty Cash Fund Policy

The Blount Library maintains a petty cash fund to provide payment for the purchase of materials, supplies, services, or small dollar amount purchases under conditions requiring immediate payment.

The Board of Trustees of the Blount Library shall appoint the Director/Manager, or designee, to be the custodian for the library’s petty cash fund, and the Director/Manager or designee shall administer and be responsible for the security of the funds and the control of disbursements.

To ensure that these funds are responsibly managed, the following guidelines shall be followed:

  1. The petty cash fund is an imprest/fixed fund set at $100. The fund will be secured in the library safe.


  1. Receipts and cash-on-hand must always total the authorized fund amount. All disbursements from such funds are to be supported by receipted bills or other evidence documenting the expenditure, which will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the subsequent board meeting, when requested.


  1. All petty cash allowable business expenditure receipts should be submitted for reimbursement and stored in the petty cash box until the quarterly audit is completed by the Director/Manager. After reconciling the quarterly balance, the receipts may be appropriately filed by the Director/Manager for future reference.


  1. The Director/Manager, or designee, will maintain a log of disbursements from the petty cash fund, and conduct a quarterly audit. The fund will be reconciled by the fund custodian at the end of the quarter and the reconciliation will be reviewed by the treasurer/bookkeeper.
  1. Fund replenishment checks are issued to the fund custodian. The Director/ Manager may submit a request to the treasurer/bookkeeper for a Petty Cash Fund replenishment check.
  1. The Director/Manager should provide a vendor with the Library’s tax-exempt certificate before each purchase to avoid being charged sales tax.


Revised March 19, 2021

Blount Library Credit Card Policy

Capital One Credit Cards are established in the name of the Blount Library to expedite operations, reduce the use of petty cash, simplify purchasing and accounting procedures, and to provide documentation of travel expenses. All purchases must be for Blount Library use and benefit only. The credit card may not be used for the purchase of personal items, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco products. All monthly statements and correspondence will be sent to the Blount Library.

  1. Credit card use is limited to the Director/Manager approved by the Board of Trustees and stored in the library safe.


  1. All credit cards issued have a credit line of $2,500.


  1. Prior to initial receipt of any credit card, the Director/Manager must agree to and sign the Credit Card Responsibility and Use Procedures.


  1. Credit cards are to be used only for Blount Library operating activities primarily for pre-payment of materials and supplies when required by a vendor.
    1. The credit card may not be used for personal expenses.
    2. The credit card does not replace requisitions and purchase orders.


  1. A log will be kept and reconciled monthly for credit card use; a receipt must be provided for every use. The Director/Manager must submit the receipts to the Treasurer/Bookkeeper before the credit card statement bill arrives.


  1. All “Bonus Cash” earned from qualifying credit card purchases are property of Blount Library and will be used for the benefit of the Blount Library

Credit Card Responsibility and Use Procedures

This card is issued to you on a temporary basis and remains the sole property of the Blount Library. The right to use this card may be revoked at any time without warning by the issuing bank authority or by the Blount Library.

By accepting this card, it is understood that you are personally responsible for any unauthorized or inappropriate use to the credit card.

I have read and fully understand and accept my personal responsibilities and liabilities involving the use of the credit card issued to me. I further understand that any inappropriate use of the card may result in discharge, possible garnishment of my wages, and possible criminal charges.


Card Issued: Number:




Card Holder Printed Name:


Card Holder Signature:


Printed Name of Witness: Date:


Signature of Witness: Date:

Purchasing policy was discussed and will be discussed at the April Meeting.

Diane Soulvie will put a pandemic plan into appendices for future reference. Linda Tanner moved and Karen Zale seconded. Motion carried.

Donald Watkins gave a presentation of the Blount Library website. Library minutes, book reviews, new book additions, newsletter, etc. can be posted. Up to 1000 subscribers can contribute for free.

The floor was opened for ideas. Jessie Frank suggested since we cannot have a book sale again this year we might have a chicken barbeque as a fundraiser.

At 4:25 Diane Soulvie moved to continue in executive session and Linda Tanner seconded and the Director evaluation was performed.

Pat Schwartz moved and Karen Zale seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 4:38. Motion carried.

Next meeting Friday April 16, 2021 3:30 p.m.




March 2021 Board of Trustee Minutes