Blount Library Board of Trustees Minutes
Friday May 21, 2021 at 3:30 p.m.

Roll call of members Kirstin Brown, MaryAnna Buchanan, Jessie Jordan, Kim Palmatier, Diane Soulve, Linda Tanner, Melissa Willey, (Virtually) Karen Zale, Jessie Frank (Director) and Janice Snyder guest. Pat Schwartz absent.

Meeting was called to order at 3:34 p.m. by President Diane Soulvie.

Secretary report: Dispostion of the minutes of the previous meeting: Karen Zale moved to accept the minutes of the April 16th 2021 meeting. Seconded by Jessie Jordan. Motion carried

Treasurer’s report: There is still no charging for overdue books. MaryAnna Buchanan moved to accept the treasurer’s report and Karen Zale seconded. Motion carried.

Director’s report: Jessie reports after having a Libby meeting that a lot of people aren’t visiting the library, but using the online options. The summer kids program will still be 1 in person a week with 3 days of take home projects due to COVID.
Capacity has returned to allow 100 people in the building at a time again. Mask wearing still mandatory for all.
The Library will not be utilizing the Cattaraugus County Youth Bureau this summer due to not enough work for the students.
Jessie will be helping the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students run a lemonade stand to help learn business skills and money.
The library will be closed May 28th and May 31st for the Memorial Day Holiday.
Information for the Chicken Barbeque: 200 tickets to sell will cost us $5 per person. Will include the chicken and several sides. Discussion of dates included Garage sale weekend, Route 16 garage sale weekend or possibly another date. More discussion at the June meeting will include cost, dates and whether we also do a book sale outside concurrently.
Summer hour proposal: closed Monday? Jessie would still work, but not be open to the public. Open Tues- Friday 9-4? Question was asked if we could have night hours again. Monday and Thursday 4-6. Jessie would retrain volunteers to work those hours. This may start June 1st.

Jessie spoke with a lawyer: we have to meet safety, Compliance, and sanity of the director. A committee was formed to discuss the change of these policies and amendments to the current policy. The committee consists of Kirstin Brown, MaryAnna Buchanan, Jessie Jordan, Linda Tanner, Jessie Jordan and Melissa Willey. Meeting will be Friday May 28th at 8:30 a.m.
Adult programs may now resume with mask wearing mandatory.

The summer reading program will resume and a list has been circulated for items to be donated. Should be a great summer program.

Since the workers compensation insurance was dropped, the library incurred a $3000 fine.

Jessie will check with Janice Dekoff if we have to have a sexual harassment meeting since several have had the training via their jobs.
Jessie will now include the gift amount in the thank you cards she send to donors.

Grant committee: The construction grant is due July 14th. It is a 75% matching grant we pay 25%. We have to have 3 bids. Kim Whitling and Don Watkins will help write it.

Old business: covered under Director’s report.

New business: Templates from Jamestown can be found on the CCLS website to help rewrite policies we need to review. Several people will write a few to complete all 12.

We will be discussing new candidates for President at the next meeting.

At 4:21 Karen Zale moved to adjourn the meeting. Linda Tanner seconded. Motion carried.
Next meeting Friday June 18, 2021 at 3:30 p.m.

May 2021 Board of Trustee Minutes