Blount Library Board of Trustees Meeting

November 17, 2021 3:30 P.M.

Roll call of members via zoom Kirstin Brown, Mary Anna Buchanan, Jessie Jordan, Kim Palmatier, Pat Schwartz, Linda Tanner, Terri Werwinski, Melissa Willey, Karen Zale, and Jessie Frank Director.

Meeting was called to order at 6:01 p.m. by President Jessie Jordan.

Secretary report-disposition of the minutes of the previous regular meeting: Karen Zale moved to accept the minutes and Pat Schwartz seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: Linda Tanner moved to accept the report and Karen Zale seconded. Motion carried

Director’s report: parking lot signs are $40 each with a minimum order of 7. All members agreed to purchase them. Jessie will see about getting them ordered and put up.

Trunk or treat was a success. At least 200 kids attended. Key chains were handed out that were purchased with a donation from Kim Whitling.

Potter Lumber donated $500. A thank you note was mailed and a book plate will be applied in each of the children’s books purchased with the money.

The library was approached about the tree lighting. Jessie will hand out an outdoor craft bag of a gingerbread house ornament. The board approved.

Jessie is having a pour paint ornament class for teens and tweens.

The library will be closed on November 23rd through November 28th and will reopen November 29th.

The board meeting date, agenda, minutes, and zoom information (in necessary) needs to be posted on the website. Jessie will get trained by Donald Watkins to do this in the future.

The board voted to change insurance agent to Joe Floss and continue to use Utica insurance. Joe will get new rates early next year when they become available. Jessie Jordan moved and Linda Tanner seconded. Motion carried.

The bridge club is now meeting on Mondays which helps the library’s circulation.

Committee report: Jessie is waiting to hear from an artist so a grant from the Arts council can be submitted. It will be used for 1 adult class of 15-20 and 1 kid’s class of about 10 kids over the summer. May have a class to teach senior citizens how to use electronic devices.

Communications: A thank you note was sent to Potter Lumber.

Grant Committee: Nothing to report

Old Business: Karen called Burning books for the Books through Bars program and they can only accept paperback books, no hardcovers or magazines. They don’t pick up the books they must be delivered.

Jessie hasn’t met with Jamie Burrell yet about the UV alternative. This may not be an issue as we have fresh filtered air from the outside.

The CD was picked up and deposited into the money market account until it is decided where to move it to. There are no good interest bearing accounts at this time, but one is being researched.

Policy for filming minors will be discussed at the next meeting due to time constraints.

New business: The strategic planning committee met and worked on the visions and other policy changes. Jessie Frank would like to add more into the history and it will be reviewed at the next meeting. We need to decide on one of the several visions that were written. Jessie will print them out for everyone to pick up at the library to review before the next meeting.

Book fair is tentatively scheduled for the February break in mid-February. One plan is to schedule a certain number of people at a time to keep the numbers in the library at a minimum. If needed the fair can be cancelled shortly before the fair starts.

Other library boards in the area have varying numbers of members (4-16). Blount has 9 in the by-laws. It can be written in the by-laws to have 7-9. It was agreed no less than 7 and no more than 9 is appropriate. No change at this time. Only 1 board member is ineligible for reelection next year. MaryAnna Buchanan. Beth Chase was discussed as a new member. She will be asked to attend the next meeting.

Period of public expression: none

Karen Zale moved to adjourn the meeting and Pat Schwartz seconded. Motion carried at 6:58 p.m.

Next meeting is December 17, 2021 at 3:30 p.m.

November 2021 Board of Trustee Minutes