Blount Library Board Minutes

March 18, 2022

Members Present:

Jessie Frank, Director
Kirstin Brown
Beth Chase
Kim Palmatier
Linda Tanner
Terri Werwinski
Melissa Willey
Karen Zale

Absent: Pat Schwartz

The meeting was called to order at 3:03 pm by President Melissa Willey.

Secretary’s Report: The secretary’s report, which had been previously emailed to all members, plus Jessie Frank, was motioned to accept by Karen Zale. Terri Werwinski seconded it. All approved.

Treasurer’s Report: was read by Kim Palmatier. Beth Chase moved to accept the report and Karen Zale seconded. All approved. The following were highlights:

Kim now has access to all banking information online
It was agreed that if Kim submits the report via email, Jessie can put it up on the board for all to see, rather than printing separate reports for all
The new insurance bill (app. $4000) was received and paid
We received a thank you for our investment of funds ($50,000) that had been in a COD that we re- appropriated (thank you, Karen for that great word!) to Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation (CRCF). Earnings will be higher that what than what they were as a COD.
Everything for the audit is going to RA Mercer this week, thanks to Janice Snyder. Janice will also be available if needed to assist Kim with next year’s audit. Kim is in the process of setting up bills to pay electronically.

Director’s Report: Jessie Frank had the following to report:

NYS is proposing a return to Pre COVID funding. This would be good news for all libraries, as the funding was greater pre-pandemic than during the pandemic. Jessie passed out letters with templates and addresses to mail to our legislators (senator and assemblymen) to encourage them to follow through with the increased funding.
Printer – our large, patron used- printer, at the age of 25 has shown its age and ceased working. Mike Jones, from Jamestown tech support, will be looking at it to see if it is repairable. If not, we will need to consider a replacement.
Libby – there is a new feature on Libby, our little library app friend. There is now a “crafty” section. Included in that section, there is a survey monkey where you can complete a survey with a chance to win some different items.
The audit – everything needed was taken to RA Mercer by Janice Snyder and the audit was approved. (I think I may have this incorrect)
Book Display of the month: “Which is better, the book or the movie?” Hands down, the vote seemed to be with the book. 🙂
We received a $700 donation from Mark Mann to be used toward the summer program
Circulation for the month remains slow.
Book Fair – We sold $3500 worth of items and there were many families that came in. It was considered a success!
Jessie will be starting Toddler Time (AKA Glitter Bonanza!) on April 5th at 8:00 am. The theme will be 1000 Books By Kindergarten. Jessie is excited to have the moms and little ones back!
AARP – There is a question of the AARP Smart Driver Program returning to the library. There is an extensive COVID 19 questionnaire that Jessie would need to complete in order to do this. We would also want Al Ormond to teach the class. There is no cost to the library for this, however it would be time consuming to complete the questionnaire, and questionably worthwhile, when the program is also available to complete online, individually.
Terri brought up Jessie’s potential retirement options through NYS. Jessie has nothing now, but it may be available to her, as we are an association library.
Emerling Floss Murphy & Associates is our insurance company, Joe Floss being our agent. Joe has approached Jessie with the question of umbrella coverage, and if we would like to add it. It was decided that if Joe is willing to present the in’s and out’s, we would be happy to listen and consider.
Friends on Facebook page – Lisa Swaciak will be starting Tai Chi again on the first Wednesday of April (April 6th). She will hold classes Wednesday nights at 4:30 and Saturdays at 10:00 am. We voted to add Lisa as an official volunteer in order for her capacity as a class leader to be covered by insurance. There is no cost to patrons, and no sign up for these classes. (Kirsten is beyond excited and I’m sure will spread the word and get others involved!)
Construction grant- Jessie will be consulting with Kim (Whitling) and Don (Watkins) regarding this grant. Two items in the library need attention. One is the insulation in the addition and the second is the replacement of carpet where is is worn.
Don Watkins will begin a “Tech Time” again on the first Monday in April (April 4th). The time will be from 4pm – 6pm and Don will be available to assist patrons with any tech related questions they come in with.
To note: Kim Whitling approached Jessie with offers of help in any area needed.
Girl Scout sign up – there was a sign up for Girl Scouts (leaders?) in March, and sadly only one mom showed up.
The library system has an “Adventure Pass” for NYS. Jessie has been in contact with area attractions to see if they will do some promo to get this back up and running. Examples are Griffis Sculpture Park, Corning Glass, Seneca Museum. Currently, Corning Glass has a program where we could pay $300 for a pass that would give patrons discounts for passes. The pass would be able to be used unlimited times per season, and be a great incentive for families to make the trip and visit. We would need to work out the logistics of loaning it, and its safe return, but feel this is something worth pursuing. Jessie will get more information.
Library Summer Passport – this would be encouragement to visit libraries in the area, having some sort of “passport” type document, that would receive a stamp for each library visited. This sounds like an exciting prospect.
Library Day at Chautauqua Institute – This will be during the summer, and all seemed to think this would make an awesome field trip for the board members!
Family Game night – Jessie Jordan brought this up to Jessie Frank. Basically there would be a designated night for games, where families could come and both interact with their own families as well as those in the community with the vast array of board game that the library owns.
Barb Knight approached Jessie about a possible book signing night for a book she just recently had published. Jessie isn’t sure about turn out, as this has been attempted before with not a great amount of success, but she is willing to let Barb have a night to do this.
St. Bonaventure interns – follow up- no students showed up to do either the logo or the survey we talked about at our previous meeting.
The library is still not busy, much to collective disappointment. Covid seems to have forced us all to find other avenues for some of the services the library provides. We need to get creative to get that need back and start seeing our books fly off the shelves.
Sue Songster approached Jessie regarding a “coffee” time. Perhaps where a group of readers meet for coffee at the coffee shop and then transition to the library for books? Jessie provided programming over the winter break and will do so again over the spring break
Maple Fest- there will be a sign up sheet for the book sale. Shifts will be two hours each.


Committee Report:


Communications: Jessie sent a thank you to Mark Mann for his donation to the library


Grant Committee:


Old Business: Jessie proposes the following hours for the library, which will begin in April

Monday 9 – 6
Tuesday and Wednesday 9 – 4
Thursday 9 – 6
Friday 9 – 4
Saturday 9 -12 A volunteer will take the Saturday hours. We’ll give this a try and see how it works.


New Business: There will not be a board meeting in April. It will be replaced with a “work day” on Friday, April 29, in preparation for the book sale. Jess will contact us with details.

Period for Public Expression:

Adjournment: The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Kirstin Brown and seconded by Karen Zale. The motion was passed Y N. The meeting adjourned at 3.22 pm

The next meeting will be determined after Maple Festival.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Chase, Secretary




March 2022