Blount Library Minutes

June 3 2022

Members present: Jessie Frank, Director; Kirsten Brown, Beth Chase, Linda Tanner, Terri Werwinski, Melissa Willey, Karen Zale,

Absent: None

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM by Melissa Willey.

The secretary’s report was motioned to accept by Karen Zale, seconded by Linda Tanner. Motion carried.

There was a correction to the last minutes end time of 4:22 end time.

The treasurers report was read by Kim Palmatier. Kirsten Brown moved to accept, Karen Zale seconded the motion. The motion was carried.

Notable that we received a check from the insurance company for the sign and paid ½ down for the new sign from Sign Language. We paid ½ down on the concrete work by the book box.

We began the meeting with a presentation by Joel Floss from Emerling, Floss Murphy & Associates to go over some insurance things as we felt this would be prudent. Joel gave a very good presentation going over the following topics:

  • Inland Marine” are books that leave the property that are insured anywhere they are.
  • Disability/Family leave – 2x statutory. Jessie would be better covered if we choose this. It will cost us no more. It will bring her weekly rate to $170 x 2 – if needed.
  • Cyber risk – there has been an uptick in ransomware events, we are covered through Jamestown at a high rate.
  • Three ways to handle risk:
    • Transfer it
    • Assume it
    • Eliminate it
  • Umbrella coverage – Joel recommended we speak with a lawyer regarding this coverage, as well as “hired, not owned” auto.
  • Labor law – NYS predates workmens compensation – vendors could collect workmens compensation from us unless we require a certificate of insurance (COT). Suggested that we collect a COT from each vendor. Suggested 1 million dollar maximum.


Directors Report:

2 hot spots have been replaced. We will get a bill.

Concrete work – June 4th – done by Dave Riling. Will need a permit and insurance to do the work.

Camera upgrades – new camera through ADT. The upgrade to the cameras cost $2000. They are infrared. Jessie can monitor from her phone. However the bill which is currently $154/month will go down to $93/month.

We will be closed July 1-4.

Voted to close Monday June 20th in honor of Juneteenth Day (unanimous)

Toddler Time is Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM. It was off to a good start but their was some sickness so the numbers went up and down.

Visits to the library: 50 kindergarteners visited previously. June 15th pre-K is expected with 1st and 2nd grades to follow.

Tai-Chi – numbers are down

Tech Time with Don Watkins, Mondays 4-6 pm – three faithful come.

Libby Class – day and evening class coming.

Barb Knight book signing – no participants – Jessie suggested another time.

Sign – they will install when it arrives.

Nancy Frazier bench – must be permanently affixed to the round to be grant worthy. 2019 NYS Construction grant will be fulfilled with this bench.

Current NYS Construction grant – we pay 25% they pay 75%. Insulation guy is coming.

AARP Smarth Driver program with Al Orman coming on Saturday July 23 2022.

Northstar Training – This is free training for patrons on things like Excel, internet, etc. It doesn’t need to be monitored. We will offer it.

Doors – There was an issue with the entry doors, glass and locks. Company was here today June 3 to fix.

CCLS Roadtrip started June 1st with 38 member libraries in our system. Clues given for each library-to encourage patrons to check them out.

Corning Pass – Kim sent the check to Corning Glass for our pass. We (Terri Werwinski) motioned to request a $10 donation to check it out and Melissa Willey seconded it. All approved.

JF cost is an issue for any family. We will be lenient.

Paint Night – Monday June 27th at 6:00 PM with Amy Stanbro. This is sign up only and pre-paid.

Book Sale – $1000 and $120 deposited and still selling books by the bag. Bob Schurr the turf guy will take the remainder for recycling.

Karen Zale moved to accept the Directors Report. Pat Schwarz seconded. Motion carried.

Communications: New construction grant on the horizon and considering a 2 or 3 PM bag book sale to start on Maple Festival Saturday.

Old Business:

Summer program is July 18 – August 18 12:30 – 1:30 PM Monday – Thursday. Typically about 40 kids attend. However this year swim camp is at the same time. Thursday’s will be special guests STEM/Arts and Crafts/Games/Cornell Cooperative Extension.


New Business:

We motioned (Kim Palmatier) to add the umbrella policy to our insurance. Kirsten Brown seconded. The motion carried. We will also add the 2x Statutory Disability.

We unanimously voted for no meetings in July and August. The next meeting is set for September 9, 2022. Melissa Willey motioned to adjourn the meeting at 5:31 PM. Linda Tanner seconded. Motion carried.

Next meeting September 9, 2022

Minutes submitted by Beth Chase.

June 2022