Blount Library Board Minutes

__March 17, 2023__

Members Present:

  • Jessie Frank, director
  • Kirstin Brown
  • Beth Chase
  • Kim Palmatier
  • Linda Tanner
  • Terri Werwinski
  • Melissa Willey


Absent: Pat Schwartz and Karen Zale

The meeting was called to order at 4:01 pm by Melissa Willey

The Secretary’s report was previously submitted via email by Beth Chase. Kirstin Brown motioned to accept it and Terri Werwinski seconded. The motion was carried.

The Treasurer’s report: was read by Kim Palmatier. Beth Chase moved to accept the report and Terri Werwinski seconded. The motion was carried. To Note: Gas bills had been being paid via BillPay but somehow got “unclicked” which caused no bills to be sent. We finally got a gas bill in the amount of $2000, which was actually not abnormal given the length of time in which we had not received a bill. Kim will follow up with the gas company to ensure this has been corrected. Also, the final portion of the annual report is being wrapped up.

The Director’s report: Jessie Frank had the following to report:

  • Annual Report – financial section is being wrapped up
  • Great turn out for activities over winter break. We did Q’tip painting, frozen science experiments, dream catchers, and Patti Sage read a story and did a related craft/activity
  • Book Fair was a huge success. Approximately $5000 worth sold. We received a thank you from the PTO for hosting it.
  • Intandem has been steadily coming at least one day per week. Jessie will have them work on book sale set up 4/18/23. They have been working on other small projects, including going through the TBA yearbooks to look for damage. Books are then replaced with donated yearbooks that are in better shape. They will also assemble koozies with pen and bookmarks as giveaways for Maple Fest. The clean, as well, and are working out very well.
  • Book sale for the Maple Fest is April 29th.
  • Close April 7th and 8th for Easter.
  • Activities for Easter break will be planned.

We have some successful programming currently:

  • Crochet lessons – Thursday nights from 6 pm – 8 pm, with a steady 5 in attendance
  • Kids Crochet – meeting bi-weekly on Saturdays – 2 – 3 students each class
  • Cookbook club – off to a slow start, only 4. Meeting Tuesdays at 6 pm.
  • For the love of yarn – Mondays, with a steady 4 students each week
  • For the love of yarn – Wednesdays, not such a great turn out. Will stop until fall.
  • Tech time is slow due to winter weather and the faithful regulars who will not brave the elements. They will pick back up come good weather.
  • Interest in starting a book club- Someone will need to take the reins on this, we would be happy to have them here.
  • Lego Club begins April 5th, for grades 3-5 from 2:30-4:00. Looking for high school students to help supervise, Parents are responsible for transportation.
  • Lisa Swaciak will be doing another quilling class on Saturday, March 25th at 11 am. Easter Eggs! Cost is $3 per person, which includes supplies.
  • Donations – Tony and Tricia Amitrano donated $1000. An anonymous donator gave $500 which was used to buy Legos


Kirstin Brown moved to accept the director’s report Kim Palmatier seconded. Motion carried.

Communications: Thank yous were sent to donors

Grant Committee: NYS Grant – Kim, Jessie and Don are still working on. At this point it doesn’t look like a go.

Preserve NY is another grant possibility that Don found and will be applying for.

Old Business: Trustee training reminder

New Business for next meeting: Maple Fest book sale and set up

Period for Public Expression: N/A


Melissa Willey moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:43 pm and Beth Chase seconded it. The motion was passed.

Next Meeting: April 21, 2023

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Chase


March 2023