Blount Library Board Minutes
MAY 15, 2023

Members Present:
 Jessie Frank, Director
 Kirstin Brown
 Beth Chase
 Kim Palmatier
 Pat Schwartz
 Linda Tanner
 Terri Werwinski
 Melissa Willey
 Absent: Karen Zale

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm by Melissa Willey
Beth Chase previously submitted the Secretary’s report. Kim Palmatier motioned to accept it and
Pat Scjwartz seconded. The motion was carried.
The Treasurer’s report: was read by Kim Palmatier
. Kirstin Brown moved to accept the report and
Linda Tanner_ seconded. The motion was carried. To note: the 990 is done!
The Director’s report: Jessie Frank had the following to report:
 Cattaraugus Regional Foundation’s balance is $73,000
 Dollar General Grant – Denied
 NYS Construction Grant – they will, after all, give us a grant, but in order to receive it, we needed to
spend more. Rather than two basement windows, we will do 4. The kids’ room will be insulated. No
outside painting. We approved the additional amount of $5,000 to receive the grant and do the
 Succulent Class – mini and large, coming this summer. Jessie Dash will be doing them. There will be
a fee
 Book Sale – We made $804.75 at the sale, $71.00 in donations, and $130 in subsequent bag sales
 Side Note: Maple Fest, as a whole, had a great year!
 Lego Club – 4 faithful boys attend. They will officially be done on May 31st, but they want to continue meeting independently.
 Lisa Swaciak will be doing a pressed flower class from 6/24/23 through September 2 nd . The resulting
the project will be a glass jar with pressed flowers.
 Driver’s Safety Class was on May 13th and had 14 students
 Maple Fest donated $250 to the library
 Don, Kim, and Jessie are working on a History of Franklinville, which will be tied with a QR code on the
website and similar to a scavenger hunt
 Summer Reading Program will be happening soon
 Spice of the Month Club – another library does this and there was some talk to have one here, but
there would be a lot to figure out and coordinate.
 Our circulation numbers are down

Beth Chase___ moved to accept the director’s report ___Melissa Willey____seconded. Motion carried.
Communications: Jessie will send out a thank you to Maple Fest for their donation.
Grant Committee:
Walmart Grant applied for and Dollar General Grant – we will be re-applying
Old Business: Trustee training is ever on our radar
New Business for next meeting: NA
Period for Public Expression: NA

Melissa Willey moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:42 pm, and Beth Chase seconded it.
The motion was passed.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 20, 2023, 7:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Chase

May 2023