Blount Library Board Minutes

__June 26, 2023_____

Members Present:

  • Jessie Frank, director
  • Kirstin Brown
  • Beth Chase
  • Kim Palmatier
  • Pat Schwartz
  • Terri Werwinski
  • Melissa Willey
  • Karen Zale

Absent: Linda Tanner

The meeting was called to order at __7:02 pm by Melissa Willey

The Secretary’s report was previously submitted by email by Beth Chase_. Kim Palmatier motioned to accept it and Pat Schwartz____ seconded. The motion was carried.

The Treasurer’s report: was read by__Kim Palmatier____. __Karen Zale_ moved to accept the report and Terri Werwinski seconded. The motion was carried.

To Note: We received a $500 Walmart Lego Grant and a $2000 Cattaraugus County Foundation grant for sewing class.

The Director’s report: Jessie Frank had the following to report:

  • With the IOOB donation we purchased an outdoor screen and projector for summer outdoor movies. Check out will be similar to the passes that we currently have
  • With the CCLS Grant we purchased croquets, ladder ball, and badminton. Also, for check out.
  • There was an idea for an “Open House” to promote these new items that would run concurrently with Farmer’s Market.
  • Author’s Night, August 2ns from 5-7 pm. Karen Zale, Kaitlyn Corson, and Barb Knight to attend.
  • Close Saturday, July 1 – Tuesday, July 4th for the 4th of July
  • Julu 11th at 6:00 pm there will be a succulent class $20 for small, $30 for large, sign up required
  • 10 Elementary classes visited on Friday, June 23rd
  • Toddler Time continues through summer, with 6 in attendance
  • Knitters are still meeting on Monday nights.
  • The Summer Reading program will be on Tues and Wed with Cornell Cooperative Extension there on Wednesdays.
  • Parking Lot & Door – We voted on and will be applying for a NYS Construction grant for the parking lot complete repair (which would include removal and refilling of the area that is the problem). We were quoted $40K for this work. The NYS Construction grant would cover 90% of the cost and we would cover 10% due to our economic status.




Kirsten Brown______ moved to accept the director’s report __Karen Zale_______seconded. Motion carried.

Communications: Jessie will send thank you’s for donations after summer reading program starts and kids are able to sign the card

Grant Committee: See Director’s Notes

Old Business: Trustee Training

New Business for next meeting: N/A

Period for Public Expression: N/A


Melissa Willey_ moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:49 pm and _Beth CHase__seconded it. The motion was passed.

Next Meeting: ___Friday, September 15th Time TBD__________

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Chase


June 2023