Blount Library Board Minutes

Monday, December 4, 2023

Members Present:

  • Jessie Frank, director
  • Kirstin Brown
  • Beth Chase
  • Kim Palmatier
  • Linda Tanner
  • Terri Werwinski
  • Melissa Willey
  • Karen Zale

Absent:  None- to Note, this was Karen Zale’s last meeting as her term has expired.  Best wishes to you, Karen, and thank you for your service!

The meeting was called to order at 6:09 pm by Melissa Willey

The Secretary’s report was previously submitted via email by  Beth Chase. Kirstin Brown motioned to accept it, and Karen Zale seconded.  The motion was carried.

Kim Palmatier read the Treasurer’s report.  To Note: our $90,000 was received, and a $100,000 COD was opened per last month’s vote at CBNA.  It is a 13-month COD at 4.6%. _Linda Tanner moved to accept the report, and Terri Werwinski seconded.  The motion was carried.

The Director’s report:  Jessie Frank had the following to report:

  • Closing dates: December 23rd  -26th for Christmas; December 30 – January 1st, 2024 for New Year’s (open ½ day on the 2nd)
  • Plant Class with Kate Pepper was completed.
  • Felting Class with Tri-County Arts Council was well received with 16 participants.  Note: We will set a minimum age limit on classes in the future should they require skills that children may not have yet.
  • Leather Crafting – coming in February with the Tri-County Arts Council.  We are trying to expand the arts and crafts beyond painting.
  • Tai Chi continues to meet on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings
  • Toddler Time continues on Tuesdays
  • Tech Time is going strong
  • The Fiber Arts club has been better about cleaning up
  • Jessie asked for any suggestions on programming: Karen Zale suggested another first-time writer’s program and expressed her thanks for the program held a few years back, which she participated in and successfully published her first book!
  • Basement windows are in, which completes the work from the construction grant.  Jessie will finish the final paperwork, finish the pictures, and submit them.
  • Main Doors- The doors are becoming more problematic almost daily (only one is operational, and the one isn’t easy to open, and Jessie is the only one who can get in without difficulty). Given that they need to be ordered and it will take some time to get them made, Jessie brought it up to see if we would want to vote on ordering them before heading back to see if the state approves our current construction grant, which was written to include the doors.  The board voted unanimously to order the doors, as this is an immediate safety concern.

Linda Tanner moved to accept the director’s report. Karen Zale seconded.  Motion carried.

Communications: N/A

Grant Committee: For now, we are tabling the Ralph Wilson Grant

Old Business:  N/A

New Business for next meeting:  N/A

Period for Public Expression: N/A

Melissa Willey moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:45 pm, and Kirstin Brown seconded it.  The motion was passed.

Next Meeting:  Monday, January 22, 2024 at 6:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Chase

December 2023