Blount Library Board Minutes

Monday, November 6th, 2023_

Members Present:

Jessie Frank, Director
Kirstin Brown
Beth Chase
Kim Palmatier
Linda Tanner
Terri Werwinski
Melissa Willey
Karen Zale
Absent: Pat Schwartz

We met at 5:00 pm for sexual harassment training, watching the video provided.

Our regular meeting was called to order at 6:16 pm by Melissa Willey

The Secretary’s report was previously submitted via email by _Beth Chase___. _Karen Zale__ motioned to accept it and _Linda Tanner seconded. The motion was carried.

Kim Palmatier__previously submitted the Treasurer’s report via email. The 2024 budget was also previously submitted via email. To note: there was an increase of $1,000 in the budget for building insurance due to a shortfall in 2023. Linda Tanner moved to accept the report and Kirstin Brown seconded. The motion was carried.

The Director’s report: Jessie Frank had the following to report:

Annual Meeting was held at Holiday Valley on Wednesday, October 11th. Jessie Frank, Kirstin Brown, Melissa Willey and Beth Chase attended. It was a nice dinner.
Trunk or Treat – we won 1st place for Jessie’s “Hungry Caterpillar”! Kirstin Brown assisted with candy handouts. It was a fun day!
Donations – We had a donation for the Lego club and one from the Teacher’s Association, which purchased some children’s books
Intandem – are switching days to Wednesdays. We will see how this goes.
Seed Library – we were approached by Master Gardner’s apprentice, Melanie Brown, to start a
seed library. We are in agreement that this will be fine if it does not cause an additional workload for Jessie. Jessie is thinking that the old card catalog file can be utilized for this.
Spice Club – there has been some interest in a spice club, Ellicottville Library does this, but there are some items that would need to be worked out first. Will revisit.
Upcoming Closings: November 10 and 11 for Veteran’s Day, November 22-25 for Thanksgiving, and December 23 -26 for Christmas
Upcoming Classes: Felting Class, Saturday, December 2nd from 9 am – 11 am. Sign up required, $5 per person.
Plant Class/Exchange, hosted by Kate Pepper – as a board, we voted unanimously to approve this. Scheduled for Saturday November 18th 12 pm – 2 pm.


Karen Zale_____ moved to accept the director’s report ___Beth Chase______seconded. Motion carried.

Communications: Jessie sent out a Thank you for most current donations mentioned

Grant Committee: We are applying for a Ralph Wilson grant in conjunction with the school and Police Department. This is a $10,000 – $25,000 grant. Jessie is suggesting a bike trail system around Franklinville that might include Cash Park

Don Watkins is using other grant funds to teach the Meals on Wheels attendees how to use the Libby app on a Kindle

Old Business:

Trustee training has been completed.
The ALA (American Library Association) “Bill of Rights” is accepted.
New Business:

Pat Schwartz has officially (October 2023) resigned from the board of trustees due to health issues
COD special at CNBA- Melissa was approached by Community Bank regarding a COD special currently running. It is a 13 month COD with a percentage rate in excess of 4%. The board voted unanimously to invest $100,000 of funds now in the money market to open a new COD.
The board voted unanimously to accept Lisa Swaciak as a volunteer.


Period for Public Expression: N/A


Melissa Willey moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 pm and __Beth Chase__seconded it. The motion was passed.

Next Meeting: Monday, December 4th, 2023@6:00 pm______

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Chase



November 2023